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Surrey Youth Focus has published three reports in a series that share the experiences of children and families in Surrey during COVID.  Surrey Youth Focus, working in conjunction with the User Voice & Participation Team on behalf of the Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership and Surrey County Council’s Children, Families, Lifelong Learning and Culture Commissioning Team has spoken to 199 children and young people to produce these reports.

See the news for each report. 1st report - the views of children & Young people in Surrey, 2nd report - listening to parents with young children, 3rd report - listening to children & young people with special educational needs & disabilites and their families

Featured Charity

Sight for Surrey supports children and young people who have a vision impairment, or are deafblind and potentially with other complex needs.

As a strategic partner of Surrey County Council they deliver habilitation and life skills training. This is enhanced and supplemented by our charitably funded family support services and comprehensive programme of events for children and young people. These programmes provide life-enhancing experiences which help children and young people develop skills and the ability to suceed...

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Safeguarding in Lockdown

Lockdown and the ensuing social distancing due to COVID-19 means that very rapidly we are needing to learn how to interact in different ways. Many of you are supporting children and young people through 1:1 and group work and therefore there is a need to adapt to using telephone, text, email and/or video conferencing.

With that in mind we have collated different examples of guidance from national and local sources that you can access in order to assist you in developing your own codes of conduct. These are living documents and we will update as appropriate.


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