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CommUniLAB = Communities (youth groups), Universities, Local authorities and Business

CommUniLAB is a shared learning and problem solving network that will bring together Communities (youth groups), Universities, Local Authorities and Business. It will be run by Surrey Youth Focus as a pro-active shared learning network for the members into which issues/concerns/proposals can be put, and advice and perspectives sought. When it becomes evident that a particular issue - local crime and disorder, or a recruitment issue - becomes of wide resonance, we will then host a workshop for Communilab members about it. 

The Benefits

• Brings together managers and staff from completely different sectors who would never normally meet.
• Addresses shared problems from different organisational perspectives.
• Enables learning both virtually, and face to face.
• Enables the start of fruitful relationships with colleagues in different sectors.
• Enables employers to better understand the issues facing employees.

For more see: http://www.communilab.org/

Twitter: @CL_SYF


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