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Surrey Youth Focus would like to thank the following organisations for their support:


Surrey County Council

Surrey Youth Focus is delighted to receive core funding from Surrey County Council’s Youth Support Service. This assists us in meeting some of our costs and enables us to function as a membership body , and then to secure further income from other funding sources.

Surrey County Council also commissioned Surrey Youth Focus to administer their Small Grants Programme.

For more information visit their website


Wates Family Enterprise Trust

For more information visit their website


Henry Smith Charity

Surrey Youth Focus has also been awarded funds by the Henry Smith Charity to support a funding project


The Coleman Trust

Surrey Youth Focus is supported by The Coleman Trust in respect of Surrey Youth News Magazine. 


Barclays Bank

Barclays is the main sponsor of the Surrey Youth Focus project Communilab.




The development of the Communilab website has been supported by Pfizer Limited.



Exxon Mobile has supported the Communilab project.


Penningtons Manches

Penningtons Manches has supported the Communilab Project.


Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey

The PCC has supported Surrey Youth Focus on Youth Social Action




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