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Funding - More Demanding

More demanding Funding Sources

Big Lottery: This is an invaluable web site www.biglotteryfund.org.uk  at which a range of grants can be found. Of particular relevance to Surrey Youth Focus Members may be the Awards for All Grants, under which funds can be sought up to £10,000 for projects. 

Grant –making Trusts: There are many of these, including local Surrey ones such as the Wates Foundation (Leatherhead), Johnson Wax Charitable Trust (Camberley) and the Peter Harrison Trust (Redhill), Paul Coleman Trust, and nationally Esmee Fairbairn, Sainsbury, Lloyds TSB and so on.   

Corporates: It is unlikely that a corporate will just give funding without a prior relationship being established, which is why Surrey Youth Focus has links to Business in the Community (BitC). BitC Surrey/Sussex is based in Leatherhead. However here is a list of the top companies in Surrey in terms of their CSR contributions.

Government Funds: There are too many to mention, and so the suggestion is that you search through the recommended websites here.

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