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Hidden Talent Project

Discover how accessing a new pool of ‘Hidden Talent’ can enrich your organisation

In April 2018 Surrey Youth Focus launched an exciting new initiative called the "Hidden Talent" e-bulletin.

In the tight labour market of Surrey, there is a great opportunity for Surrey employers looking for talent to employ young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).  Many of these young people are longing to work and make great employees if given the chance.  Employers benefit by gaining new talent, which can bring useful insights to their organisation's strategy, products and services.  It also gives employers an opportunity to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility values to their employees, customers and local community, thus helping both customer and employee retention.

To sign up to the Hidden Talent bulletin - click here. Click here to see the current edition of the bulletin.

For more information please email: info@surreyyouthfocus.org.uk 

By signing up you will have the opportunity to:

1. Find our more about the business case for employing young people with SEND, including employer success stories

2. Learn how to build your knowledge and confidence through our support for business section
                  • Access useful resources, learn about government and local available support, find out about events

3. Discover how to take the next step and find Hidden Talent through ready to recruit
                  • Learn how to find potential collaborative partner organisations to develop work opportunities
                  • Find specialist recruitment organisations to help match talent to upcoming roles

If you would like to find out more about the Hidden talent project and getting involved please contact info@surreyyouthfocus.org.uk


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