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Working in local schools, east to west Relational Support Workers are journeying alongside young people to understand their situations, grow their confidence and help them thrive. Often the support work takes place in 1-1 and group sessions, listening to and caring for students over several months or even years. But it can also involve practical help like going with children to doctor’s appointments or food banks, connecting them with a social worker or specialist counsellor, mending holes in their school uniform, or just making sure they get breakfast. Whatever kind of help is required, we’ll support them for as long as they need it, because we believe that every vulnerable child and young person in our area should be able to experience wholeness and hope.


Ian Smith, Operations Manager
Unit 3, 80 High Street,
TW20 9HE

Tel: 01784 438007
Email: ian@easttowest.org.uk
Website: www.easttowest.org.uk


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