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Family Voice Surrey exists to champion the needs and rights of SEND families in Surrey: families with children or young adults up to the age of 25 who have special educational needs, chronic illness, including mental health conditions, or disabilities. Run by parent carers for parent carers (including foster carers and wider family carers) we work with statutory authorities, agencies, providers and organisations across Surrey to improve SEND life by:


  •              Ensuring the needs of SEND children and young people are at the centre of decision making and services 
  •              Driving for timely, consistent, equitable, accessible support that is needs-driven
  •              Working in partnership with education, health and social care partners to co-design and co-produce services
  •              Signposting parent carers to relevant support organisations


Email: contact@familyvoicesurrey.org
Telephone: 01372 705708 

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