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Giving to others can stimulate your brain to release endorphin which are associated with trust, pleasure and social connections. Whether it's your time, your ear by listening or your money, giving to other people will also make you happier and give you more satisfaction than spending it on yourself. Being happy means you’re more likely to give to others so it’s a great way to begin a cycle of generosity and happiness. Why don’t you start off by trying a one of these?

Volunteer – find your volunteering match

Would you like to help other people in your community, take on a new challenge or use your experience in a different way?

Donate to charity

It’s really easy to set up small monthly donations that can make a big difference to people’s lives.

Surrey Youth Focus list of member charities for charities working in Surrey.

Sponsor a friend

If you know someone who is doing something amazing to raise money for charity you can show your support by sponsoring them.

Give blood

It's very easy to do and could save someone's life. Find out how to give blood.


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