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Grant Review Panel for Youth Grant

Heathrow Community Trust
12 February, 2018 to 31 March, 2018
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Grant Review Panel Role description – Communities for Youth

Overall Purpose

The Heathrow Community Trust is looking to recruit additional members to Communities for Youth Grant Review Panel. The Panel meets four times per annum and reviews between 20 and 30 applications for funding at each meeting. Panel members score applications against the funding criteria, and advise on whether applicants should be funded. Recommendations from the Review Panels are then submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.


Main Responsibilities

  • Act as ‘boundary-spanner’ – linking the Trust to its stakeholders, such as the major donor (Heathrow airport Ltd), funding recipients, the community, other funders etc. Acting in the best interest of the charity, beneficiaries and future beneficiaries at all times.
  • To be part of a pool of expertise and advice to the Director, staff and Trustees in overseeing the implementation of the grants awarding and administration process.


Main Duties

Carried out by attending four Grant Review Panels per annum, at each meeting members’ views on 20-30 applications considered against the funding criteria should be presented. Review Panel meetings typically last ~2 hours. Preparation for the meetings will take 2-3 hours reading and scoring time.

Panel Meetings take place at Compass Centre, Heathrow in the main, but can be held at other venues in the area on occasion.

Communities for Youth:

Panel Meetings 2018: 10.00-12.00 Fri Feb 02, Wed Mar 28, Wed Jun 20, Mon Sep 10


Panel Members must:

  • Be active – you cannot be a dormant or ‘sleeping’ panel member, you are still liable for the decisions the others make in your absence.
  • Act in the interests of the beneficiaries – put yourself in the beneficiaries’ position and make decisions that are best for them.
  • Act reasonably and honestly – remembering to minute discussions and debates so that your reasonableness can be demonstrated.
  • Avoid conflict of interest – manage actual conflicts of interest through a written process/policy and elsewhere avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest.
  • Strive to attend all meetings, and if unable to attend in person submit scoring via e mail. Prepare for the meeting by reading the agenda, papers and emails before the meeting.
  • Talk to the Grant Manager (Kate Birch) before the meeting if you need to clarify anything.
  • Arrive on time. Stay to the end.
  • Participate fully in the meeting;
    • Listen to what others have to say and keep an open mind.
    • Contribute positively to the discussions.
    • Try to be concise and avoid soliloquies/speeches.
  • Help others concentrate on the meeting. Discourage side conversations.
  • Have the best interests of the Trust and its beneficiaries in mind at all times.
  • Strive to ensure best value for money for the Trust in the projects it funds.

Ideal Qualities

Panel Members should:

  • Have a commitment to the Heathrow Communities Trust and its aims.
  • Have a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort.
  • Possess good judgement and independence of mind.
  • Show a willingness to work collectively as part of a group.
  • Seek constructive debate and dialogue over confrontation.

Specific Skills Requirements:

  • Specific knowledge of, or interest in, the Boroughs and communities neighbouring Heathrow.
  • Specific knowledge or interest in youth issues such as education and skills, employability, child and adolescent mental health, special educational needs, youth social action, etc.
  • Knowledge of, or interest in, the voluntary and community sector


We are looking for enthusiastic people with an interest in the future of the communities surrounding Heathrow to take on the important role of  member of one of the Grant Review Panels to the Heathrow Communities Trust as it enters the third decade of its operation.

The Heathrow Communities Trust administers grants to charities and community groups in the immediate environs of Heathrow Airport. It is funded from four sources – an annual donation from Heathrow Airport Ltd, donations from other companies located on the airport site, staff fundraising, and noise fines. More than £750,000 was available for grants during 2017. Grant funding is available for community projects covering Communities for Youth (youth skills, aspiration and employability); Communities for Tomorrow (projects that help protect the environment and encourage sustainable development and eco education); Communities Together (smaller community focussed projects); and HAPi – Heathrow Active People in the community - a matched funding scheme for Heathrow staff to support community activities that they also give time to – from PTAs, to Scouts, to sports teams. 2016 was the 20th Anniversary of the Trust. We receive many more applications from good causes than we can fund, and your expertise and judgment will help us to ensure that our funding is making the biggest positive impact it possibly can.


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