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Many young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have no desire or find it difficult to engage with formal structures such as sports clubs but these environments have huge potential in supporting their physical wellbeing as well as personal development and learning opportunities. In the same way, sports organisations find it difficult to engage with harder to reach young people, but these young people have huge potential in ‘broadening the base’ of sports club membership.

This project will address these challenges, generate insight and engage with a wide range of partners including community youth organisations to find practical ways to upskill and influence the sports sector to reach out and engage with young people in meaningful activity.

Contact Su Freeman: su.freeman@surreyyouthfocus.org.uk 

Find sport to do in your area!

Find out more about how to engage young people in sport. HOW TO ENGAGE WITH YOUNG PEOPLE IN YOUR SPORTS CLUBS v.1.pdf & HOW TO - Youth Organisation engage with Sport or Physical Activity.pdf



Find out more about the Satellite Clubs Project in Surrey:

Satellite Clubs Briefing 2018-19.pdf


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