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Youth Social Action

We aspire to help Surrey become a hotbed of Youth Social Action.

Youth Social Action is a movement to empower young people to engage with their communities and do something to make a difference to others.

This could be anything from setting up their own ‘youth club’, leading an anti bullying campaign in school, undertaking an environmental project or actively engaging with a local charity.

We are currently setting up a new project which aims to draw on extensive research which suggests young people can achieve great things if they believe they can make a difference to others and to their local communities, and that many young people would like to be given the opportunity to be more than just passive observers.

This project will empower young people to explore the problems they see in their local community and come up with ideas and actions as to how THEY might be able to solve them.

Youth Social Action enables young people to develop new skills such as independence and leadership. It is also good for building strong local communities and supporting young people to be truly active citizens.

Watch this space for more information .......

In the meantime you may wish to visit: 


and the I Will campaign has 50 young ambassadors for social action 


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